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“Ding Ding Ding”/“Beepbeepbeep” /“Ant-ant-ant-ant” 

“With the alarm clock ringing, here comes my full day.  Waking up the kids, taking them to school, I then hit the traffic to work.  At 5, with lots of work still on the desk, I have to rush back to school, pick the kids up, and then make them dinner, followed by helping them with homework, piano practice, until putting them to bed.  Monday to Friday, day and night, and more activities for Saturday and Sunday…”

If all this sounds too familiar, you are right because it is really true!  You are also not alone, as we all have gone through.  As one of my friends recently said to me, even if there were dollar bills in front of her, she would not even have time to pick them up.  It is sad but true:  most of us are too busy assuming our responsibilities everyday and barely have time for anything else, not mentioning planning for our financial future.

 Unfortunately, wealth does not grow without a set of plans.  Until now, I still clearly remembered a conversation I had with a young man a decade ago while I was buying stocks.  He said “Why don’t you use your money to buy a house.  It is a good down payment!”  That was prior to the internet bubble time when everybody I knew was playing the stock market.  But being a second generation immigrant, this young man clearly knew something that I did not at the time.  Of course, soon I would discover that he was right, but only after I lost most of my money in the stock market.  Fortunately, I was able to save enough down payments and buy a home in the year after and make a good profit later.  Over the years, I have known many people who achieved financial success in real estate.  Without thinking hard, you probably can name a few yourself.  The truth is many wealthy people in the US built their wealth through real estate. 

As hardworking middle class, most of us likely will buy or sell not more than a few homes in our lifetime.  So for many of us, our home is our largest financial asset.  As a realtor, I feel it is a privilege to be able to contribute to your financial success.  My plan is to use this blog as a platform to provide insights into and discuss about the real estate industry and local market.  I am a firm believer of bringing value to clients.  With good efforts and sound advice, I know I can help you fulfill your financial goals.

Regarding the Blog and Domain Name

It is true that you don’t need a Ph.D. degree to be a realtor.  Just to the contrary, the entry barrier of the business is so low that many people even became part-time agents and thought that they will become rich without doing much work, who apparently are destined to fail as 95% of the work in CA is done by 5% of the agents.  On the other hand, many local markets are dominated by a few agents who are doing whatever they can to fiercely fight for market shares.   As one local seasoned agent frequently tells her clients, she does not care about making money but is after the No.1.  Having been in customer service for a decade and come from a technical background, I have a very different perspective on the business.  My business is built on providing clients trustworthy professional service and quality customer care.  It is not important to me how much business I do, but rather what I do and how I do it for my clients.  Simply put, I am all about doing the right thing for clients, providing value and taking care of them.  Having this standard in mind, I searched through and even registered many blog and domain names and found that none is better than my own identity, i.e, being a dedicated Ph.D. realtor.